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A female student that has a tendency to over think things and become exceedingly paranoid over the smallest of things. Lover of all people no matter what origin or whom they believe to be, you could be a psychopath for all the fucks that are given. Pro-choice who believe fully in equal rights for all parties. An adoration of the English language with an excessive attitude to incorporate big words into everything.

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For Stitchnik’s 221Bunny contest, probably.

I have no idea what this is meant to be, Punk!Sherlock probably, but who knows?

Forgive me it’s super lammmeee

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    This one is all kinds of awesome =)
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    I am rudely inspired by this. >_< Probably because I’m already working on a Punk!lock cosplay. v_v Awesome design,...
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    Design an AU Bunny! there will be five winners!
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